Book here for Sample mentoring programme.

Please note that due to limited capacity you should confirm your place and attendance with Paragon before you book. You can do so by emailing Emma Murdoch at [email protected] 

Sample is delivered in blocks of 12 sessions, which will take place twice a month over a six month period. The timing and schedule will be worked out in advance with your Paragon mentor and we'll do our best to be flexible around your preferences and commitments. 

Accessible Pricing

In order to make Paragon more accessible to a greater number of people we are adopting a new pricing structure, based on a pay-what-you-decide model.

Sessions are priced at £3/£5/£7/or £9 per-person-per-session, and we encourage everyone to pay only what they can afford and feel comfortable with. This isn’t an assessment-based process, and there will be no proof of circumstances required - we just want to provide some flexibility to those who need it.

Sample is charged in blocks of 12 sessions - please select the appropriate price-point, broken down as follows:

12 x £3 = £36

12 x £5 = £60

12 x £7 = £84 

12 x £9 = £108

If you have any questions, or are unsure how you should proceed, don't hesitate to be in touch with Emma Murdoch at [email protected] 

Booking for this event has now closed.