We believe in the power of using music and the arts to create inclusion and equality

Music and Dance workshops

Music and dance workshops for adults and young people, inclusive and accessible to all.


Author: Sam Kenyon

Horizons | Mentoring programme

Horizons is a one-to-one creative mentoring programme for young people and adults.



Paragon Stories

Find out about some of the diverse journeys and pathways taken by Paragon participants, practitioners and volunteers.


Author: Will Rossi

Whereabouts (Glasgow Open House Arts Festival)

Horizons artists share music, dance, art and poetry inspired by their environments - livestream event and secret outdoor projections around Glasgow, 24 - 27 Sep


Author: Sam Kenyon

Paragon Summer Newsletter 2021!

See what we've been up to so far in 2021 πŸ‘€πŸŒžπŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸŽ¨πŸ§˜πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸŽΈπŸ’»


Author: Sam Kenyon

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Inclusive arts workshops in 2019/20

650 + 

Paragon participants

3000 +

Audiences for live Paragon performances

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