We’re always open to collaboration!

We work with partners across the arts, education, health and care support sectors in a variety of ways. If you or your organisation have similar goals and aspirations and think we could work together, please get in touch.

Below are some examples of how we collaborate with likeminded organisations.

Inclusive Arts Projects

We work with organisations to deliver bespoke inclusive arts projects over a number of weeks, leading to a performance or sharing, and deliver one-off workshops at conferences and events. We will discuss your requirements in advance, including the size and support needs of the group and what type of project you envisage. We have previously worked with arts organisations, schools, colleges, third sector organisations and care support agencies in this way.

Paragon delivered a series of inclusive music and dance workshops, leading to a sharing with family and friends at Corseford School,  between January and March 2019: 

"Staff gained an invaluable insight into alternative ways to engage Corseford pupils in music and dance This will have a long-term impact benefitting existing and future pupils. AHP Therapists joined the session gaining ideas in how therapy and music/dance can be combined to create a more positive experience for pupils...Typically harder to reach pupils were witnessed being fully engaged in the programme and were showing an interest in the performance of their peers, for the first time." (Kirsty MacLean, Lead Teacher)


Many care support organisations refer their service users to us to participate in workshops as part of their weekly schedule of activity.

Paragon has worked closely with Parents Inclusion Network in Dumfries & Galloway for a number of years, creating access to our Resonate programme for young people aged 15-25 in the region:

…all the young people had an instrument and a role to play. The smiles and excitement on the young people’s face at what they had put together and achieved was truly heart warming… I would for one say no matter your ability the musicians are able to adapt to enable everyone to have a role within the session the young people in the group finished the project with more confidence with music instruments, their own achievements and with others in the group.” Louise McDowell, Parents Inclusion Network


We provide training in inclusive arts practice, disability equality and accessibility, as CPD for staff or as part of larger events and conferences. We will discuss your requirements in advance and tailor the training to suit you or your organisation.

"I have recently finished my Pgde primary at Strathclyde and I had the pleasure of hearing Ninian and Jodie from Paragon speak in a lecture.  I wanted to pass on how invaluable the information and insight I  received, was. I was able to share the experiences spoken of for good and to motivate children who had global learning issues. The children were particularly inspired by Jodie's identity as a dancer whilst others performed her dance. Children who were in desperate need began to show signs of increased confidence and began to tackle tasks they previously would not have."


Paragon nurtures emerging artists by giving them the opportunity to create, rehearse and perform their own music and dance in groups and as solo artists. Paragon musicians and dancers have been invited to perform at a wide variety of festivals and events over the past couple of years, including Youth Beatz in Dumfries, Go Dance in Glasgow, The Great Big Dance Show in Dundee, We Are One Fest and the East End Free Festival in Glasgow. 

"The performances are another important element for me - preparations, rehearsal with the other players and playing live are both an exciting learning discipline (communicating my ideas to the other musicians) and a great way to present my songs to a wider audience. Positive audience feedback has been a great confidence booster and I’m looking forward to more performances." (Horizons participant)

We are also open to new ideas of how we might work together, so please do get in touch if you have something in mind!

For collaborations, contact:

Fiona Corr-MacLeod

Business Development Manager

Email: [email protected] 

Telephone: 07484060557