SPiN is an inclusive dance programme designed for young disabled people from 12-18yrs

It runs on Saturday afternoons, 1-2pm at Platform Theatre, 1000 Westerhouse Rd, Glasgow, G34 9JW

SPiN has developed out of Paragon’s adult dance group M3 who perform all over Scotland. They will be on hand to support the young dancers to get into their grooves in the amazing Dance Studio at Platform

Teas and coffees are available for parents and carers

Pay-What-You-Decide: £3/£5/£7/or £9 per-person-per-session and we encourage everyone to pay only what they can afford and feel comfortable with

For more info and to book your place, please contact Laura:

[email protected]                                m.07922606265

To pay, head to the SPiN booking page

This programme is supported by Platform Glasgow and Short Breaks Fund