Multi-instrumentalist and sound recordist, Sarah, creates delicate and vibrant soundscapes inspired by the natural environment ðŸŒģ ðŸŒū ðŸĶŒ ðŸĶĒ 🍃 🌚 🐝

Sarah has performed live throughout Dumfries and Galloway, both solo and in collaboration with fellow Paragon artist Lewis Shaw. 

Her piece, Calm over Caerlaverock, is inspired by Caerlaverock Castle and the surrounding nature and wildlife, particularly the deer, swans and geese. Sarah took time to absorb the atmosphere of Caerlaverock, taking instruments into the grounds and recording samples on location

Calm over Caerlaverock first aired at Resonate & Boogie livestream event, Thursday 18 March, and was performed live at the Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival, 24 July 2021