Proximus is an international dance choreography, film and education commission supported by the British Council and Creative Scotland that has seen us collaborate with partners in Italy, Mexico and India to create ground breaking new work by emerging disabled artists.

The project...

...a non-verbal, non-visual narrative about a post-pandemic world. Proximus began as a creative collaboration between Paragon and our partners to produce a series of music, dance and film pieces exploring aspects of identity and lived experiences of disability. The works have been exhibited internationally, including at arts and film festivals and one-off performances.

The works...


A collaboration between dancers Alessandra Cinque and Monica Barone from Italy, and composers Heidi Lu and José Luis Romualdo from Mexico. Proximus was filmed at La Toscanini Parma and Up Fitness Parma in February 2023 and the music was recorded in San Juan del Rio, Mexico, in April 2023.

Two astral beings embark on a mysterious journey from darkness into light. They stalk each other across time and space until an encounter with a black hole brings catalyses a twinned metamorphosis of transformation and self discovery.


Proximus: Sisterhood:

A collaboration between dancers Eilidh Elizabeth Molly and Teigan Quinn from Scotland, and composers Prem Bhagavan and Jyothi Kalaiselvi from India. Proximus: Sisterhood was filmed at Platform Theatre in Glasgow in February 2023 and the music was recorded in Chennai, India in April 2023.

The dance film plays with ideas of separateness, nearness, closeness and oneness. The protagonists emerge from different spaces and undergo a transformational coming together, celebrating the love between them. Teigan and Eilidh invite the observer to enter into an environment where trust is paramount and the freedom to be oneself is treasured above all.

Eilidh and Teigan perform Proximus at GoDance 2023 at Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Research and development at Out of the Blue, Edinburgh

Research and development at Out of the Blue, Edinburgh

Alessandra and Monica prior to performing at Fondazione Arturo Toscanini, Parma

What's next?: 

Proximus continues into 2024, with artists and practitioners exchanging their practice and learnings with peers across the arts sectors in their respective countries.

Paragon is running a series of workshops titled, Advanced Tools for Inclusive Dance Technique where learners are introduced to the innovative applications and practices of Universal Design - an inclusive approach to dance that informs the core of our dance work. 

Paragon workshop with colleagues at Spazio Fattoria Vittadini, Milan


💜 Big love and thanks to our friends and partners at Armonía E Inclusión AC, DCF Voice, and La Toscanini