Ninian Perry | Creative Director 

Ninian (he/him) is the Creative Director of Paragon Music. A founding member of Paragon, he is a passionate believer in the power of new music to help change people’s lives for the better. In 1990 he set up Paragon’s Music Programme and his work in schools and the wider community is regarded as one of the most successful models for bringing people together from all walks of life to create and perform new music. As a teacher, performer and director he leads Paragon’s inclusive programmes. He studied at Dartington College of Arts, the Royal College of Music and York University.

Contact Ninian at [email protected]

Charlotte Riley Gibson | Resonate Director 

Charlotte (she/her) helped to establish Paragon’s inclusive programmes and performance events, attracting participants, partners and audiences throughout Scotland. The close relationships she has nurtured with people at all levels of the organisation ensure that everyone involved with Paragon can enjoy our ethos of active, fun and inclusive participation in the arts. 

As a practitioner, she mentors individuals on our Groove programme and trains staff in Paragon’s inclusive arts practice and disability equality, having also recently completed her British Sign Language level 2.

She now also directs Paragon’s Resonate programme throughout Dumfries and Galloway.

Contact Charlotte at [email protected]

Fiona Corr-Macleod | Business Development Manager 

Fiona (she/her) makes all that we do at Paragon possible by raising the funds and reaching out to partners, trusts, foundations and public bodies developing a network of supporters that understand and value the work that Paragon is doing. She connects Paragon with partners in Scotland and abroad, including in Italy and India, spreading the word of Paragon’s inclusive arts practice and inviting new friends and followers to be part of the movement of inclusion and equality through music and dance.

As a qualified Yoga teacher, Fiona also helps us to be constantly mindful of our health and well being.

Contact Fiona at [email protected]

Laura Hundert | Groove Community Coordinator 

Laura (she/her) is one of the coordinators for our Groove mentoring programme as well as the group workshops at Paragon. Her main passion in life is helping to make the music performance world more inclusive and accessible. She believes music can be a tool for social justice and universal understanding.

Laura is also a professional clarinetist who enjoys performing in diverse locations with her clarinet quartet, The Silver Keys, and other various chamber ensembles. 

Contact Laura at [email protected]

Beth Black | Groove Partnerships Coordinator 

Beth (she/her) is one of the coordinators for our Groove mentoring programme. Her passion lies in making the music industry a more inclusive space and in her role as Groove Partnerships Coordinator she is always on the look-out for gig/recording/further education opportunities for our Groove Artists.

In her spare time, Beth plays guitar/bass and sings in many bands and is busy gigging across the country. 

Contact Beth at 

Lucy Renwick | Resonate Development Officer 

Lucy (she/her) has the glorious task of helping develop Dumfries & Galloway’s Resonate programme, to enable young people in even the most rural of settings to access opportunities to explore and express themselves through music and art. Lucy’s background is in both music (as a singer and composer) and social care; added to this her passion for inclusive access to the arts for all, she is an ideal match for this role.

Contact Lucy at [email protected]  

Jamie Little | Technical Coordinator 

Jamie (he/him) is the Technical Coordinator for the Dumfries & Galloway workshops. This means making sure venues are booked and set up the best they can be so that everyone who comes to our workshops can write, rehearse and perform their music!

Jamie is also an active Paragon Practitioner who loves being able to make music with musicians all over the region of Dumfries and Galloway.

Jamie is a guitarist who enjoys making music remotely using software like Logic Pro X

Contact Jamie at [email protected] 

Emma Murdoch - SAMPLE Coordinator

Emma (she/her) co-ordinates the Sample programme and also is a mentor/practitioner within the Groove and various group workshops. She is passionate about bringing the creative ideas of participants to life and believes that music and dance is an essential part of self expression, healing and personal development. 

Emma is also a singer-songwriter and professional guitarist/vocalist - performing regularly up and down the country - solo and with her band.

Contact Emma at [email protected]

Sam Kenyon | Communications Manager

Sam (he/him) manages and coordinates Paragon's communications; including press and marketing, and digital communications across Paragon's website and online platforms. He enjoys finding open and accessible ways to communicate Paragon's values and ethos, as well as the many different pathways people take with us. 

Sam has a background in visual art and cinema exhibition, and is passionate about the potential of new technologies to enrich our creativity and keep us connected. 

Contact Sam at [email protected]