It's been a rollercoaster of a ride since the start of UK lockdown, but here at Paragon we've done our best to keep connected and nurturing our creativity together. 

Since the start of May we took all our regular programmes online and even introduced a new songwriting session, Sonnet. 

We're pleased to report that the online sessions have gone better than we could ever have expected! From participants to practitioners, we've been blown away by the energy, enthusiasm and creativity that everyone involved has brought to the table. So much so that when the bloc drew to a close we celebrated with our first ever livestream showcase, Blast Off!, which gave friends and family the chance to come together and catch a glimpse of what we've been up to.

Watch the full 🚀Blast Off!🚀 livestream below:

...and check out some highlight performances from our group workshops and Horizons artists, recorded during the lockdown.

Stride perform All Over the World 🎶🌍💫

Bazza B leads the Beat It warm-up with a signature rap:

Two tracks from the wonderful Craig Ingram 
🎼🌱🍃 🍂

Lewis takes us on a journey around sunny Millport with 'Outdoor Adventures’, created for Blast Off! 🎼 🎹🌊🖼