Our Horizons mentees have been hard at work, even during lockdown - and here we've collected together some video performances of recently developed material, much of which was debuted at our livestream Blast Off! event in June. 

Check out the videos below and see more of our content over on our YouTube channel.

Mega new music video from Katie Dale, with a cover of ‘I Disagree’ by Poppy 🔮🖤

Fiona with her band Fantastic Piano, performing their beautiful new track “Damson” 

Richard Davies Music's barnstorming new video for 'Constitution Square' 👀 🔮 💫 

Two tracks from Craig Ingram's upcoming solo album 'Elements' 🎼🌱🍃 🍂

journey around sunny Millport with Lewis and his piece 'Outdoor Adventures' 🎼 🎹🌊🖼

Honest and captivating performance from Finch with her brand new track ‘My Story’

Kevin Orr playing ‘The Songs We Were Singing’ and ‘David Tait (1939)’ with introductions to the stories behind them