Horizons artist Craig Ingram releases his debut album, Elements, today - 8 tracks of classic songwriting inspired by the power and mystery of natural phenomena

Listen to Elements on Spotify, here

Elements, in Craig's own words:

I started writing songs in August 2019. The first song I wrote for the album was Fire. After I shared this song with the music group of which I was a member, I was then given the opportunity to work with a mentor from Paragon.

The other song titles were given to me where I was challenged to write a variety of songs about different subjects. It was then I decided to put these songs into an album.

I started writing my first song on the album in October 2019 and finished the last song in July 2020.

I started off writing down any words that I associated with the title word, I then tried to put the key words into sentences to create a poem.

I do not use the song titles in my songs. I try instead to describe the event unfolding.

Initially this project began at my mentors studio, however due to covid I had to finish all the recordings at home.