Craig Ingram's second full length album takes us on a journey through the cosmos filled with wonder and introspection ✨🪐🌚🔮🌚🪐✨

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ALIGNMENT • Story of the album, by Craig Ingram

I first came up with the concept for this album due to my love of one of the songs in my last album, the song was called “Space”. I decided to use the concept of Space as my focus for my new album. Initially I  set about creating the artwork for the album before even thinking of writing the lyrics and  music. I thought for a while about a title, and eventually I came up with the name “Alignment” after rejecting a few other ideas.

The song “Space” on my first album mentions 8 planets, so I decided that I wanted to replicate this idea by writing 8 songs for this album. I then came up with this whilst keeping the idea of space in my mind. The order I chose is intended to make the listener feel like they are taking a journey through space and then “Back down to earth” as my last song suggests.

Once I came up with the 8 titles, I started to write the lyrics for them. I enjoyed the writing process, I especially liked making sure each song linked with the next. Once I had written them I then came up with guitar chords with the help of my Paragon Music mentor Thomas Brumby. I then recorded the songs on a software called “Ableton”. After I finished recording the songs I started a vigorous editing process to ensure my songs had the sound that I had envisioned for them during the writing process.