Mindful Drumming is an inclusive programme of creative music-making with drums and percussion, focused on mental health and wellbeing for adults.

Sessions are built around the playing of rhythmic sounds and an approach designed to support participants in experimenting with music and instruments, building confidence in their own musical abilities. 

"Mindful Drumming gives me an opportunity to close my eyes and just get lost in the music - when the end of the session comes I realise I hadn't noticed the time pass at all!"- Paragon participant 

Please note that places must be reserved in advance of payment - for more information or to reserve a place please contact Laura Hundert at [email protected] 

Current workshop dates and times can be viewed here.

All Paragon workshops are priced at £0/3/£5/£7 or £9 per-person-per-session, charged on a pay-what-you-decide basis.