Eilidh is an integral part of the Paragon family. She started out dancing with our M3 dance group, which she still attends, and now plays drums as part of our Stride and Tune programmes. She's also done a social media takeover with Paragon, and wrote this for us back in 2018:

Chapter One - Dancing

As a dancer I have always struggled to make friends at school like a normal person but at M3 everyone fits in therefore it’s very easy to make friends. Most people just see my chair but the people I dance with treat me like a human being. During the two workshop I had the opportunity to develop a piece, and a friendship, with Jade, one of the professional dancers. I also experimented with dancing with other participants. It was not just a learning curve for me but also for Gabriel and Teigan, the two other participants I worked with. In the last few months I have started to take dance seriously. I have never really known what I would like to do when I leave school but now I’m thinking about becoming a professional dancer or choreographer - and I’m now developing my fitness skills so that I can be the best dancer I can be.

Chapter Two - Social Media

I was supposed to get a job after the summer as the social media person for another company, but that fell through so Paragon let me take over their social media for twelve days. I had never used Instagram before so had to do plenty of research. This was interesting because I learned what people find engaging as posts, which had an aspect of psychology to it which I’m really interested in so I quite enjoyed this part of the job. As an artist I learned to improve my photography skills. I have always been better at drawing and designing than taking photos so as well as developing my social media skills I actually grew as an artist. I didn’t get as much likes as paragons usual social media person but I did get them more followers on Instagram. I still have a lot of things to learn about instagram and I am doing this by creating my own personal Instagram account.