Accessibility Consultation and Disability Equality Training

Paragon is delighted to offer Accessibility Consultation and Disability Equality Training to
organisations that are keen to make positive changes to their spaces, festivals and events,
improving access and removing any environmental, attitudinal and organisational barriers to
participation, for audiences and performing artists.

We have trained arts and third sector organisations across the UK and internationally, including
in India, Italy and Mexico, and have become renowned as leaders in the field of Equalities,
Diversity and Inclusion.

Accessibility Consultation Group

Our Accessibility Consultation Group was set up in response to the increasing demand from arts
and third sector organisations, looking to Paragon for advice on how to make their spaces,
events, activities, websites and processes more inclusive and accessible.

The ACG is disabled-led and comprises artists with a wealth of knowledge and experience as
audience members and performers.

Group members attend events, visit venues, meet with you and your team in person or online
and write up recommendations.

Sorcha Pringle

Sorcha’s expertise is in visual impairment for both physical and digital experiences, sensory
processing issues, inclusive and disability rights based language, as well as Inclusive marketing
and social media in general.

Jodie Taylor

Jodie assesses the accessibility of buildings, including what it can take to get there,
entering/exiting, automatic doors, reception, lifts, toilets, kitchens, office and venue spaces. She
also advises on fire safety and evacuation procedures and has given presentations to large
audiences on her experience as a disabled person.

Kirsty Brown

Kirsty is passionate about addressing and reducing discrimination. She is keen to ensure
physical venues and spaces are accessible and that staff are trained in disability equality and
know how to interact with people who have additional support needs in a respectful and
compassionate manner.

Lewis Shaw

Lewis is passionate about improving event accessibility, particularly after attending
numerous events that were inaccessible to blind people. As disability officer at the
University of Stirling, he has built up a strong track record for improving accessibility and
inclusion for people with disabilities.

Disability Equality Training

Paragon offers bespoke Disability Equality Training that is tailored to your organisation’s needs.
Paragon’s DET is delivered by experienced Paragon staff and practitioners, including those with
and without disabilities and covers the following areas:

● Models of Disability
● Language
● Common misperceptions
● Equalities Act 2010 (UK)
● Access requirements
● Understanding Autism

If there’s an area that’s not listed here that you would like to know more about, please do get in

Our aim is to ensure your staff feel confident in communicating with disabled people and that
everyone is able to experience and enjoy the services or activities you offer at an equal level.

Email [email protected] to find out more about our consultation or training services
- we’d be delighted to hear from you!